December 18, 2014


Wadsworth school treasurer’s raise halts contract talks with teachers

Teachers in the Wadsworth school district said negotiations with school administrators  have broken down since teachers learned earlier this year that the treasurer received a salary increase.

Lori Robinson, co-president of the Wadsworth Education Association, which represents about 250 teachers in the district, said teachers were upset to learn Treasurer

Douglas Beeman received a salary increase of $11,000. The increase puts his salary at $104,618 and offers a $10,000 incentive bonus annually if he meets goals set by the board. Beeman also received a raise and a bonus during the 2013-14 school year. His salary was raised from $91,131 to $93,409 and he was awarded a $7,500 bonus.

“Teachers are very angry because his contract has increased each year, where our last contract had no raises,” Robinson said.

The teachers union has been in contract negotiations since March, and the two sides are working with a federal mediator.

“(Beeman’s contract is) making it difficult to negotiate with our members. We have 250 members who have to vote to ratify any contract,” she said.

School board President Linda Kramer said her board had lengthy discussions about the raise for Beeman, but agreed it was fair pay for an important administrator.

“Our treasurer is above and beyond anything anyone could want,” she said.

Kramer said she was disappointed the agreement to pay Beeman more had affected negotiations. “I think Beeman, the teachers, they’re all worth more than they get.”

Superintendent Andrew Hill said he is disappointed negotiations have faltered and hopes talks next week can yield an agreement between the district and teachers.

“We always hope to work toward a resolution both sides can work with,” he said. “But we want to be responsible with the money our community has given us,”

Beeman said he was aware teachers were upset over his pay, but said he’s not ashamed of the raise.

“I think I’m competitive with my peers in the Summit County area,” he said.

He said the bonus is given to him only after he meets a series of goals the board sets and they review a report he prepares detailing whether he reached his goals.

“It’s up to them to grant me the bonus,” he said. “I have to meet my goals and prove they have been met.”

The board’s next meeting is at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8.

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  • Realistic

    Hey Wadsworth teachers – if you don’t like your current pay, go find employment elsewhere!!! These stupid idiots always threaten a strike for more pay and they sacrifice the children in the process. Suck it up, put your adult pants on and go look for a job elsewhere that pays you what you want. This is a perfect example of why unions suck so badly.

  • Smh @ fools

    Who is hurting the children? Not the teachers and staff. How many iPads could that $11,000 put in the hands of students? He started the 13/14 school year making $91,131. He is now at a salary of $104,618. An increase of $13,487. If we add the bonuses to that, the total is $30,987. And all this is done while teachers and support staff have been on a pay freeze. $30,000 would go a long way in adding another teacher so students don’t have to try to learn in a class of 30 students. So again I ask…who is hurting the children? And Beeman said he’s not ashamed of the raise. Sounds like he’s adopted Randy Stepp’s mantra. Well boys, I’m ashamed for both of you. You have proven that you put yourselves before doing what is best for our kids. That wasn’t acceptable in Medina, and it won’t be accepted in Wadsworth. Our community and students deserve better!

  • Realistic

    You are right n what you say, BUT the teachers can’t use that as leverage to strike for more pay. They would be just as guilty. I have no respect for teachers that strike for more pay and throw their kids under the bus. Regardless of the situation, if they don’t like their pay, they need to look for another job. I don’t get the philosophy if “let’s just strike”. This is what makes unions a complete joke.

  • TrulyReal

    Ummm..are you a teacher? Another example of executives making too much money and the people who deserve it, don’t. I disagree that the treasurer should make that much. I am sad that the kids are in the middle of this and that they are the ones to suffer because of adults not coming to a COMPROMISE.

  • lookingallaroundme

    What a piece of ….work you are. You are so anti union that you can’t see what’s happens in schools everywhere. The treasurer negotiates his own benchmarks for bonuses. Does the board even understand half of what they bargain? Then the treasurer writes his own report proving he reached his marks. Which board member oversees that?
    The truth is that your treasurer gets his bonuses as a rubber stamped wad of cash. The board knows if they don’t pony up the money, the treasurer starts looking for another job.

  • smh @ fools

    What else can they do? These teachers are the ones trying to compensate for all the cuts that have been made the last several years. These teachers are the ones spending their own money to make sure these cuts don’t affect our kids. These teachers are the ones who have measurable benchmarks not set and evaluated by themselves. And they have done it while being on a pay freeze for years. And for what? So the treasurer can write himself contracts with over $30,000 of bonuses and raises?? We need to stop the insanity! I, for one, want my children taught, bussed, cared for, and surrounded by quality individuals in our schools. That isn’t going to be the case if they keep taking away from the people who interact with our kids and giving it to the top-heavy administration. As a parent and tax-payer, I completely support the teachers and staff when I see what’s really going on. I voted for their levies to support them so our children can get the best education possible, not so Beeman can line his pockets.

  • IamSoSoTired…

    Nah-nah-nah-Boo-boo, He makes More than me……wahhhhhh. Are ya just angry he figured out how ta jack the system better than YOU. Well I… really tired of UNIONS and Demands and The Teachers Union being the most impressive (or should I say Oppressive) in our nation and in tow, destroyed “public” education for the generations year after year after new policy year. Yes, You might not be the front line teachers, but the Lobbying Representatives YOU support….focus your rage on them, not us. You became a teacher why??? Because you “wanted to teach”…. :) yes, I am laughing. You Loved The Benefits-and any other response would be less than likely truthful. There are a token few of you that love the love of teaching and remain sincere, I am sure….But Not Enough with character and courage to stand strong against the insanity at all levels of Education. I am now paying 10′s of thousands of dollars for my child to have an undergraduate class taught by a masters-doctorate student (paying them) and still paying the salary for the professor on yet another sabbatical that has not been in an actual classroom in how long….And DON’t Even start Me on COMMON CORE (another well done assassination of public education taken hostage),…Do Your Job without a Union and “love it”. I’m in HealthCare…won’t get much empathy here. Haven’t seen a raise in years-seriously documented YEARS-”cost of living” is My Problem. Lost Retirement Options-huh, “retirement”?!?. Maxed Out at raises for commitment to an organization…20+ years and $tagnant. No different anywhere else in HealthCare. Oh, and lets not neglect to mention a health care industry that affords no better healthcare benefits for its own….Complain to ME about $75 a month for family coverage oh wadsworth teachers. And yes, I could invest in more higher education to achieve more…..Hahaha, laughing again, more support to your vile pot. Seriously Ill. Don’t ask me for more money and a “yes” to support the next levy…just got our annual TAX Bill. deep breath…exhale. Spread-the-Wealth National Teachers Association Labor Union…isn’t that what ‘yo man asked us ta do? Yes…..I’m annoyed and angry….and keep payin My Bills, Revising My Budget and Cutting out more and more from less and less….cuz its the right thing to do, not because it’s easy. Try it, like the rest of us. It Sucks. It is Your Union that establishes your National Demands and they trickle down to You. Stand Up to Your Union instead of your Community Teachers. I’ll repeat, It Sucks for All of Us and we’ve no mafia strong arm to hold the knife to the throat of a deteriorated public education system. You elected an attorney for the teachers union to our board of education, how much trouble can you really be in?? This Nation is a Mess.

  • Realistic

    SIMPLE!!!! Why don’t these ‘oppressed’ teachers go look for another job?

  • Sad for you

    You sound like a truly miserable person. How sad for you.

  • clark

    I became a teacher to enrich the lives of America’s youth. It had nothing to do with pay or benefits. If I wanted more money I would have gone into a field to make more money. Maybe there are a few out there that are in it for the perks, but I doubt they are any good. I went to college on an academic scholarship I could have chose any career path I wanted. I chose to help young people, so yes I am offended when people like you pretend to know why we chose to do what we do.

  • Critical Thinker

    First, I don’t think this discussion merits calling anyone idiots or any name calling, and I think that is the surest way to make someone dismiss anything you say. I know a plethora of well intentioned and well educated young people who pursued the education to become a teacher and can’t find work in the field. If this had anything to do with a free market, those people would have jobs teaching. Look at the laundry list of qualified subs just trying to break in with the district, teachers have a sought after job that pays well and provides exemplary benefits and pension. That’s where the resentment comes from, few in the community do as well financially as teachers. I see Clark says he could have pursued any career path he wanted, curious which path he thinks could have provided a better living for his family? Many Attorneys struggle to make the wage of a young teacher, and that is before you adjust for the benefits, retirement, and working hours. Doctor? After you adjust out malpractice insurance and the pension, they net about what a teacher with 10 years of service makes and work substantially more hours. With that being said, I’m not a pay these teachers nothing kind of guy, many of my friends and family teach and I know they work hard. However, as it relates to Mr Beeman, how many CFO’s do you see bagging groceries? That’s where the market comes into play, Doug is a highly sought after commodity, and that demand creates his wage. If you look at the teaching profession as a whole with my experience in the private sector, the people that actually make less than they would on the open market are the superintendents and administrators. The people who benefit the most from working in the schools are the support staff (custodians, bus drivers, lunch aides, etc), they would see the largest drop in wages and benefits on the open market. I can name second grade teachers in the Medina district who make almost to the penny to what Beeman made before his raise. Tread lightly teachers

  • IamSoSoTired…

    I believe you “clark”. I chose my profession for similar service reasons, not driven by benefits and dollars. It’s hard to be clumped with the bushel….”less than likely” means There ARE a chosen few beyond the norm. Tough place to be condemned for the group…that’s life and the sandbox and that too Sucks.

  • fact versus fiction

    1. School employees who entered into supplemental contracts last year had their wages garnished AFTER the school year started by 15%.
    2. Wadsworth coaches are included in those supplemental contracts. Over 60% of Medina County Coaches of the Year.
    3. While Wadsworth employees took pay freezes and cuts, Doug Beeman was granted raises that could have helped pay for those supplemental contracts.
    4. Classroom sizes in the elementary level are now approaching 30 students per class. That is 30 students per 1 teacher. Classroom aids were cut.

    Questions that should be asked:
    1. What criteria needs to be met by Doug Beeman in order for him to get his raises?
    2. What dictates a “good” treasurer?
    3. Why are the teachers upset that Doug Beeman even gets raises?

  • fact v fiction

    What should teachers use a leverage then? It’s not all about pay. Teachers are constantly putting students first. It is ridiculous to say otherwise. You seem like a person who wants to be informed, so be sure you are before posting opinions that cannot be supported by ANY facts.

  • blah

    You are clearly an upset person, Suggesting someone go find another job is ignorant,blad

  • blah

    Go wadsworth 9/12! #sarcasm

  • BarleyD

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  • blah

    Great post. However, the solid salary and great benefits will be dissolved if teachers continue to accept contracts that freeze wages and raise benefit costs. Teachers aren’t getting rich, but do make a solid living and are secure because of the outstanding benefits. The benefits are a trade-off for the inability to never make more money than their contracts states. Hard working private sector workers often have the ability to earn bonus/ merit pay. One can make the argument that teachers can pick up coaching and other supplemental contracts, but even those have been diminished, specifically in Wadsworth. Wadsworth coaches and teachers had their supplemental contracts cut to 85% of the total pay, even after starting their jobs.

  • Get real

    Who cares if he bags groceries? What does that have to do with the fact that HE has stated that there is no money in the budget for raises then turns around and writes himself $30,000 in extras? As you point out, he also has the opportunity to go work for corporate America if he thinks he is worth that much. And the tax payers pay his retirement (ALL of it), his life insurance, his benefits, and much more. Perhaps “Doug” isn’t as much in demand as you say. As you point out, I’m sure there are many bright, young minds who would jump at his position for much less money given the perks he is able to write himself. I’m sure many of them would work to build trust and unity in our district instead of being untruthful and deceptive. Since you seem to be on a first name basis with Mr. Beeman, I will excuse your lack of knowledge on the facts as one can only assume from your post that you have only been told the limited information he wants the public to know. By the way, the majority of support staff that you say are the real beneficiaries do not get benefits such as health care. I do agree with you on one point. Name calling here is childish and unnecessary. One more thing…I would suggest looking for a new doctor and a new lawyer. Clearly yours are at the bottom of the barrel.

  • Critical Thinker

    I’d laugh, but that group is all for decimating our local school district. They are even running a terrible candidate for state school board, I encourage anyone who cares about public education in our community to research that and work hard to make certain he loses. Thankfully we were able to beat back all 3 of the candidates they ran for our school board.

  • Critical Thinker

    I know several teacher in their 30′s making over $70k. If you adjust for the self-employment “double tax,” the cost of their health insurance, the cost of their retirement plan, and the cost of their malpractice insurance you’ll find that doctors would have to make $200,000 per year to net the same amount as a teacher before you even consider working hours. I’m not one to make a big deal about teacher pay, I’m a maker not a taker, just pointing out the dichotomy of the two professions.

  • smh @ fools

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this point. Nothing about that group suggests they have the best interests of our students and district at heart.

  • Not Qualified

    The fault then lies with the board, not with the treasurer.

  • Not Qualified

    This is kind of silly.

    What the teachers get paid has no bearing or relation to what the treasurer gets paid. The fact of the matter is that the school needs a treasurer, and that treasurer has to be paid competitively, or nobody will take the job, because they could make more elsewhere.

    Beeman claims he is paid competitive with his peers in the region. I do not know if this is true. He might be grossly overpaid, or he might be paid average or even below average- I have no idea whatsoever, and unless you have the statistics on treasurer salaries in the region, you don’t have any idea either.

    However, if it is true that he is paid a market rate, there’s nothing for it- if that’s how much a treasurer costs, that’s how much a treasurer costs, and the school will need to pay that much regardless of how much budget is left over for teacher salaries.

  • Get real

    According to public records, the highest paid teacher in Wadsworth made $83,064 in 2013. Those in that range have 27-30+ years experience. In my opinion, the issue at hand isn’t necessarily the treasurer’s salary. It’s the amount of the raises and bonuses he wrote himself while reporting that the district had no money. Real cuts were made that affected students, teachers, and staff. That was accepted and all staff worked hard to be effective and efficient. Teachers and support staff were told that when the budget improved, raises would happily be reinstated. The budget has in fact improved greatly. Yet here we are reading articles indicating that promise is not being kept. This is where the animosity begins. When times are tough, EVERYONE should take a pay freeze, not just teachers and support staff. When the budget allows, EVERYONE should receive at least a cost of living increase in their pay. Public record shows that administrators did in fact take a one year pay freeze. What it doesn’t show is that their perks and per diems more than compensated for that. The bottom line is the treasurer wrote himself over $30,000 in bonuses and raises while teachers were working with less and less and support staff was cut drastically so others had to pick up much more work. My question isn’t about whether Beeman is worth the salary he makes. My question is was it ethical and fiscally responsible to do that while staff was on a continued pay freeze, there are 30 students in a single classroom, and staff had to ration out paper?

  • harddrive

    Does anyone know that website to view what ohio teachers’ salaries are? If so, please post. Thanks.

  • Critical Thinker
  • Critical Thinker

    $83,064 for 184 days is $451.43 per day. Beeman works 260 days per year, which at that teacher’s pay per working day is $117,373.04. If you take Beeman’s new salary and divide by 260 and multiply by 184, he makes the equivalent of a teaching salary of $74,037.35.

  • Disgusted

    These Wadsworth teachers have an arrogance that is ugly. They think they are better than other educators in neighboring districts. They make PLENTY. They should look at the salaries of teachers in Wayne, Ashland, and Portage counties (especially Rittman)… .Those poor teachers work above and beyond (some without textbooks and they have longer school days). Wadsworth teachers have every resource at their fingertips. Wadsworth teachers make enough money. Hopefully this BOE and administration does not cave and give them a raise. Some of the Wadsworth teachers would be shocked if they had to spend a week teaching in Rittman, Ravenna, or Mapleton. They would see what real work is with a whole lot less money. Wadsworth teachers need to be thankful that they landed in a great district (most were hired because they probably knew someone – not because they are fabulous at teaching)…..If anything, some of them need a pay cut!

  • SMH

    Stay strong BOE. NOOOOO raise!

  • Dr.inTown

    Those teachers are ALWAYS wanting more money. ENOUGH!!!!! I certainly hope the Board of Education has a backbone and stays strong against the almighty UNION. No more money! The people in this town are going to think twice before passing ANY levy if those teachers get a raise.

  • TaxpayerOnABudget

    Board needs to remember that they represent the taxpayers and NOT the employees. If they agree to ANY type of raise, I will be heading up the “vote them out of office” committee and the “Say No To Levy” committee. I am sure the support staff will be negotiating right after the teacher, and they’ll want the same percent as the teachers which means more $$$$$. BOE better listen to public sector and give no raise to either the teachers or support staff.

  • DPH98

    Hmmmmm……..who turned this information over to the press? I would guess the Wadsworth Education Association or UNION. A tactic used to bully by unions -use the press……..AND the WEA certainly has used The Gazette a lot during the past years…People can see through the crap, and they’re not ignorant. Crap like this enrages some people.

  • wakeupwadsworth

    We Wadsworth taxpayers need to wisen up and STOP VOTING YES for every school levy that comes along. I agree with what others are saying about Wadsworth teachers having it too good compared to neighboring districts. What makes it so disgusting though is, in all their arrogance, they feel they are always due more. Due more?!?! Teacher salaries are public information; we all know that. Question: how does a PRESCHOOL teacher make $64,000 for working 184 days a year, and only having students FOUR DAYS A WEEK?? Come on Wadsworth; that’s called a BABYSITTER in most arenas. And they want extra aides in their classrooms so they don’t have to do the dirty work like toilet-time. Teachers will always have a retort; a reason why they feel they earn every dollar they get. All smoke and mirrors. This taxpayer is personally sick of it. I hope others will wake up and join the effort to stop the sense of entitlement these educators and administrators wear every day. It’s out of control.

  • Critical Thinker

    Glad to see Wadsworth 9/12 or Medina County Conservative Coalition or whatever Malek is calling it now found this story. What do Ashland, Wayne, and Potage have in common? Rural districts with anemic property values. Medina is no longer classified as a rural county for one, and a lot of us really like our property values. Why can you buy the same home in Rittman for half of what it cost in Wadsworth? In some cases like Eastern Road, why is the Wadsworth City School’s side of the street worth so much more than the Rittman School’s side? These comments show just how little your group values our community and education in general. If you can tell the teachers to find a new job if they don’t like your opinion, perhaps we should tell you to move to Rittman if you like it so much better?