June 30, 2016

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Cross country: Rhoads, Wadsworth boys win

GREEN — The girls race Saturday at the Suburban League Super Duals wasn’t even close.
The winners of both individual and team competitions left a wide gap behind them. Highland’s Carlee Rhoads won by a margin of 1:22. Nordonia won the team competition with a 7-0 record fueled by six runners in the top 15.
The results left spectators and rival coaches in awe.
“I knew (Rhoads) was good, but I never thought she’d run away with it the way she did,” Cloverleaf coach Garth Gucker said.
Rhoads made her way toward the front of the pack as runners turned onto the first of two loops around Green’s Boettler Park. When she passed after the first loop, her lead stood just under a minute. On the second loop, Rhoads did not let up. She crossed the line without another runner in sight.
“I tried lying to myself,” Rhoads said. “I kept telling myself that they were right on me.”
Rhoads overcame what can be difficult with such a lead. A runner on the shoulder helps the leader continue to push, but Rhoads had only her thoughts and time.
“I kind of have a freaky sense of time,” Rhoads said. “I wake up at the same time every day without an alarm. I always like to be on time. My splits for intervals can be on the second. Even my time at the track state meet was almost identical to my regional time.”
With Rhoads’ effort, the Hornets finished fifth with a 3-4 record. The team ran without promising newcomer AnnaMarie DiGiaccobe due to illness.
“It wasn’t a bad day,” Highland girls coach Devan Lippincott said. “It hurt being without AnnaMarie, losing those points hurt us. But the girls ran well.”
The race for second place looked familiar to Wadsworth fans. Lindsey Leatherman ran the same race plan that worked at the Golden Eagle Invitational. Leatherman ran a few seconds back of the first chase pack after the first loop.
“It seemed like the front pack was moving farther away from me,” Leatherman said. “I told myself, ‘You’ve got to go faster.’”
She did, picking off one runner after another. In the final stretch, she outlasted a late challenge from Nordonia’s Heather Ross for the second week in a row.
“We’re rivals, but we’re friends,” Leatherman said of her budding rivalry with Ross. “We help each other get faster.”
While the girls race was clear cut, results of the boys race stayed murky until the end.
Wadsworth’s Jon Bach battled with Nordonia’s Charlie Korodi in the first mile with little separating the two. Wadsworth runners packed well behind the leaders, red jerseys dotting the lead packs. But runners from Nordonia and Green joined Wadsworth in those packs.
Korodi entered the final stretch first with Bach a few seconds behind. Bach made a late push to catch the leader, but a final effort from Korodi put the race out of reach. Korodi won the race in 16:58.0 and Bach finished four seconds later.
“I’m just worn out,” Bach said with a smile. “I stuck with Korodi the whole time. I just wore out at the end. I wanted to get out fast, but maybe I got out too fast.”
Noah Schaub and Stewart Schmidt of Green in third and fourth gave the Bulldogs the first boost in the team competition. Runners from Green, Nordonia and Wadsworth seemed to alternate, making up most of the top 15. Due to the head-to-head nature of the meet, the team title remained unclear.
“The whole team competed well,” Wadsworth coach John Burton said following the race. “Even second puts us in good position for the league.”
But Wadsworth did not finish second. Officials posted results 15 minutes after the last race, and a Wadsworth runner ran from the pavilion yelling, “We got it!”
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GREEN — Results Saturday from the Suburban League Super Duals at Boettler Park.
Team standings: 1. Wadsworth 7-0; 2. Green 6-1; 3. Nordonia 5-2; 4. Tallmadge 4-3; 5. Cloverleaf 3-4; 6. Revere 2-5; 7. Highland 1-6; 8. Copley 0-7.
Individual standings: 1. Charlie Korodi (N) 16:58.0; 2. Jon Bach (W) 17:02.0; 3. Noah Schaub (G) 17:21.0; 4. Stewart Schmidt (G) 17:25.0; 5. Brian Zaborszki (N) 17:40.0.
Wadsworth (7-0): 2. Jon Bach 17:02.0; 8. Dean Beddow 17:48.0; 10. Spencer Smole 18:02.0; 13. Nick Miller 18:15.0; 16. Mike Hillegass 18:29.0.
Cloverleaf (3-4): 15. Darren Egner 18:26.0; 21. Andrew Jarrett 18:43.0; 35. Cameron Billy 19:23.0; 40. David Berchtold 19:32.0; 49. Ryan Gutschow 19:51.0.
Highland (1-6): 30. Christian Gerding 19:14.0; 33. Andy Kuhl 19:17.0; 34. Ian Alred 19:22.0; 46. Alex Borla 19:48.0; 58. Nick Kuhl 20:08.0.
Team standings: 1. Nordonia 7-0; 2. Green 6-1; 3. Wadsworth 5-2; 4. Cloverleaf 4-3; 5. Highland 3-4; 6. Copley 2-5; 7. Tallmadge 1-6; 8. Revere 0-7.
Individual standings: 1. Carlee Rhoads (H) 18:40.0; 2. Lindsey Leatherman (W) 20:02.0; 3. Heather Ross (N) 20:04.0; 4. Leah Vasarhelyi (N) 20:12.0; 5. Natalie Pasicznyk (R) 20:17.0.
Wadsworth (5-2): 2. Lindsey Leatherman 20:02.0; 17. Madison Gunselman 21:56.0; 21. Moira Priest 22:23.0; 25. Kassidy Deuber 22:37.0; 26. Rachel Cossick 22:44.0.
Cloverleaf (4-3): 14. Vanessa Rivera 21:31.0; 15. Riley Freeland 21:39.0; 22. Adriana Jeziorski 22:26.0; 30. Anna Winnicki 23:01.0; 41. Katelyn Malena 23:47.0.
Highland (3-4): 1. Carlee Rhoads 18:40.0; 24. Ariel Taylor 22:36.0; 31. Ally Gilbert 23:03.0; 43. McKenzie Gilbert 23:50.0; 44. Elizabeth Kastelei 23:53.0.

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