July 23, 2016

Mostly clear

Interviews for seat on Medina Township trustees to be public

Medina Township trustees plan to conduct public interviews in October with candidates for Trustee Michael Todd’s seat.

Trustee Ken DeMichael said Sunday he and Trustee Ray Jarrett have been accepting resumes since Aug. 19 after they received Todd’s letter of resignation, effective Oct. 1.

DeMichael said he and Jarrett will interview any applicants for the position Oct. 1 during a special meeting open to the public.

Candidates will have about 20 minutes each to answer the same eight to 10 questions.

“We’re looking for people with different experiences and involvement in the community,” DeMichael said. “It would be nice to see people with open minds who just want to serve the people.”

Trustees have received three resumes so far and will accept them at the Medina Township Hall, 3799 Huffman Road, until Sept. 26.

“It’s not about how many we get,” DeMichael said. “It’s about getting the right one.”

DeMichael said he has not spoken personally with Todd since before receiving his letter of resignation.

“From what I’ve seen on Facebook, it appears that he is out of town,” DeMichael said.

He said he has not had time to reach out to Todd to ask why he resigned unexpectedly.

“I imagine we’ll find out what’s going on with Mike eventually,” he said. “It’s not something that’s really pressing on my end. I’m sure after Oct. 1 we’ll still carry out our relationship as friends.”

Jarrett and DeMichael will have 30 days from Oct. 1 to appoint a new trustee.

“Once we talk to these people and go through the process, hopefully Ray and I will agree on a candidate,” DeMichael said.

He said he is not sure how long the process will take because he and Jarrett may do follow-up interviews.

“Ideally, our next regular meeting following the interviews, Ray and I will agree on someone,” he said.

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