December 22, 2014

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Two emaciated dogs rescued from Guilford Township home

This 7-year-old pitbull was one of two dogs rescued from a Greenwich Road home in Guilford Township last week. The owners of the dogs, Burdett and Augusta Crandall, have been charged in Wadsworth Municipal Court with cruelty against animals, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in the Medina County Jail. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

This 7-year-old pitbull was one of two dogs rescued from a Greenwich Road home in Guilford Township last week. The owners of the dogs, Burdett and Augusta Crandall, have been charged in Wadsworth Municipal Court with cruelty against animals, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in the Medina County Jail. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

Two emaciated dogs may take months to recover after they were rescued by a humane officer last week from a couple’s Greenwich Road home in Guilford Township.

The couple, Burdett and Augusta Crandall, has been charged in Wadsworth Municipal Court with cruelty against animals, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in the Medina County Jail.

Humane officer Mary Jo Johnson, of the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said she discovered the dogs Aug. 26 after receiving an anonymous call.

This 3-year-old boxer was one of two dogs rescued from a Greenwich Road home in Guilford Township last week. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

This 3-year-old boxer was one of two dogs rescued from a Greenwich Road home in Guilford Township last week. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

Johnson said the two dogs, a 7-year-old pitbull and a 3-year-old boxer, were in very poor condition.

“They were very thin,” she said. “The pitbull was literally skin and bones.”

Both dogs weighed half or less what they should weigh if they were healthy, she said. The bones on both animals are visible and defined under their skin.

Johnson said the pitbull, which remains in an animal hospital, was only able to take a few steps before collapsing when she arrived at the home.

The boxer is in slightly better condition, she said, with much more energy.

She said the couple told her they couldn’t afford to feed the animals, which have been suffering from reduced weight for about three months.

“They just didn’t have the money to take care of them,” she said. “But I tell people all the time that having an animal is an elective. If you choose to get one and then you can’t care for them, maybe you shouldn’t have them or you should give them up.”

Johnson said the couple told her they fed the dogs the day before she arrived, but she said it’s unlikely they were fed regularly.

“For a dog to get that incredibly thin and weak, it’s a good 10 days before they get to that point,” she said. “You shouldn’t be able to see every single bone.”

She said the boxer has been released to a foster home for 24-hour care, and a foster home has been set up for the pitbull upon its release from the animal hospital.

The hospital bills will come out about $300 a day, Johnson said, and the SPCA is accepting donations to help pay for the dog’s treatment. To donate, call the SPCA at (330) 723-7722.

If other families are facing financial crises in which they can’t feed their animals, Johnson said the SPCA donates pet food to local pantries and food banks and tries to provide food free-of-charge to those who stop into their Medina location on South Medina Street.

Cruelty against animals is a misdemeanor in Ohio. Several bills have been introduced to the Ohio Legislature to make it a felony, but none have passed.

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  • Duck2

    I am so sick and tired of someone offering up the excuse of “oh I just don”t have the money to feed them”! That is a total copout. There is always an alternative to letting an animal slowly starve to death! CALL for HELP there are plenty of agencies out there who could step in and help. How you can look at your animals as skeletons on 4 legs and think that is alright is way beyond comprehension! There should be stiffer fines and penalties for abusers as of now it’s a slap on the wrist…. Not acceptable. At least these two dogs are in a place where they can recover and go to a forever home where they can be loved and cared for!!!

  • nancy

    Pts these would be killers !! Wasting money on this miserable excuse breed !! Glad they suffered n starved hopefully they’ll die n ot live long healthy life pieces of crap thT r always in the news from killing kids adults n other animals! !! No sympathy they deserve every bit of suffering they get

  • ProPibble
  • nancy

    One can not help being biased with this breed when all you see r children, aldults n other animals dead or hospitalized n needing numerous painful surgeries because of this evil breed that advocate keep on promoting with lies n propaganda I feel nothing but hatred for these useless animals that caused so many deaths n injuries never in my life have I ever felt this way towards anything

  • mikken

    I’m sorry – are you saying that you are happy that these dogs suffered? Because if you are, that makes you a monster. These animals are VICTIMS of human cruelty. They have no history of hurting anyone. Your prejudice is blinding you to the facts. Let it go before it kills your heart.

  • horrified

    ignorance is forever…. too bad there isn’t a pill for it.

  • nancy

    I’m not a monster but this breed has killed ruined lives n countless children I can’t get past it n I’m so feel bad for when one suffers when theyve caused thousands of people suffering no I truly despise this breed they r nothing of what dogs are as far as I’m concerned I hope they all die!

  • mikken

    Well, Nancy, I’m sorry you can’t “get past it” and see each dog as an individual, rather than all the same. They’re not, you know.

    Pit Bulls are working right now as therapy dogs, assistance dogs, PTSD comfort dogs, and seizure alert dogs. They are helping people and saving lives. The fact that you want them to all die says a lot more about you than it does the breed of dog, I’m afraid.

  • nancy

    I don’t want to feel this way but every 24 hours I read about an attack n I’ve read where pits were great for years n then they attack out of the blue after 8 years no incident how can anyone put trust into such an unpredictable animal n these dogs had good owners I hate that I’m so hateful when I truly love dogs n have saved so many n used my own noney to help but this breed really gets to me ! I wish I had your disposition cause in your writing it shows your a great person but I can’t

  • mikken

    Then I am sorry for you. Truly.

  • sevtr

    Then, I guess humans fall into your category too….Or is there a certain “breed” in humans that cause harm to children, adults, animals, etc.? It sounds that you may have had a personal situation with this type of breed, and if so, I am so sorry for your misfortune; however, you can’t judge all dogs in this breed. It matters how these animals are raised, which really surprises in the case w/ these two dogs. amazes me knowing how starved and injured these two dogs were, that the children were not harmed.

  • nancy

    Yes I did n that’s something I can’t forget n this pit seemed so sweet n adorable no problems for years then attacks my godchild for no reason shock wasn’t the word I’ve known this animal for years n no my godchild didn’t make it n I’m still sic k over it 5 years later I cannot get over it!

  • sevtr

    I understand….I know of this particular situation so I have a whole lot of emotions going on. I’m glad the dogs are gone, and the children need to get out of there before something bad happens again. I am so sorry for your loss…Peace be with you.

  • nancy

    Thank u so much u n mikken r wonderful!! I’ve mad an appointment to see apsychologist Monday this has turned into an obsession for me , I am on internet nonstop n when these stories pop up n they every 24 hours I just loose it n my hatred runs deep that I need to get help I cannot forget that day I stood there completely paralyzed with shock n fear while other people scrambled to help I’m having the worse time n sometimes I feel a little relief when I lash out at these sights with cruel n hateful words but that doesn’t last I just don’t know if I can change

  • nancy

    There’s something else I’m the one who rescued this pit it was going to put in shelter cause previous owners were moving overseas n this thing was so lovable n kind n got on great with other animals n people treated her wonderful that I thought it didn’t deserve the shelter n talked my cousin into keeping her n six years later at ten years old it attacks out of the blue I mean I hate n despise myself I cant sleep most nights n keep food down I have nightmares lost my job of twenty years this has destroyed me n my precious godchild for my stupid deadly mistake I keep wishing I could go back n time n let it go to kill shelter n not be going through this hell everyday n people blame me n their right n there’s no undoing this tradegy I brought to them it kills me I can’t stand the sight of this breed I feel faint

  • mikken

    Oh Nancy, I’m so glad that you’re going to see a professional to help you! You suffered a terrible loss and nothing can change that, but what can change is how it eats away at your soul day after day. You are also a victim of events, and you deserve healing. Take care of yourself and be well.

  • nancy

    I hope that i can be healed n I’m willing to try its been 5 years n it won’t stop eating at me I really want my life back I have let myself go n have lost alot.this psychologist is highly recommended I know it won’t be over night but hopefully at some point! N I wanna thank u n sevtr for not making cruel remarks to me after my cruel remarks n shows me a lot I’m so used to going back n forth with cruel remarks to people that you two have opened my eyes

  • mikken

    Hopefully they psychologist will help you realize that continuing to punish yourself isn’t helping anyone or making anything better. You deserve your life back.

    You deserve hope.

  • freebird

    You suck

  • caninefancy

    Yes, she needs help. Punish the deed, not the breed.

  • nancy

    Make like a bird n fly away Ive had enough today you people there’s no reasoning with you have a one track mind n that’s to put the public at risk n I ignored facts once n proved fatal n I’m paying for it every day n I’m sure which I hope not may happen to u

  • Debbie Maupin

    Nancy…..You are one messed up person!!!!!. I have had 7 Boxers over the last 25 years. Many were rescues. All were the most intelligent loving dogs a person could ask for. Many were so abused that they were scarred and in horrible shape, but they were the most loving dogs. I am so happy you are seeking some mental help for your issues. The world will be a much safer place!!!!!

  • sevtr

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me how Medina County Children Services can return several children to these people a few days after these poor innocent dogs made the media with visual proof of the neglect and abuse going on in their “home”?

  • Nancy benacquista

    Yes I’m seeking help due to an evil breed I thought was lovable n sweet n it killed an innocent child !! I hope one day your not in my shoes from being stupid n in denial as you r I imagine you your self will be seeking professional help

  • S. Weaver

    Nancy – didn’t you just ask to adopt a pit bull from an animal shelter in a different state? Saying what great care you would give her and seeing her face was too much. Wonder what your intentions were for a homeless shelter dog that is a pit bull. You are a piece of work lady – BEWARE ALL SHELTERS AND RESCUES DO NOT ADOPT TO THIS WOMAN!!!

  • Nancy benacquista

    Your an idiot I have corgi I rescued from neglect n aweful abuse it took me 3800 in vet bills n now she’s in the best shape ever no dog food (all crap even ones that r pricy) I cook daily for my corgi boiled chicken boiled angus beef scrambled eggs ricotta n cottage cheese bananas apples watermelon cantaloupe fried mignon in extra virgin olive oil on Saturday n frozen yogurt no sugars with bluberries n she lets me brush her teeth with electric toothbrush with doggy paste oh no if I brought another dog here it would kill her she is extremely attached to me n I am as well she’s my savior as well and if something god forbid happens to her there will be no replacement I’d probably go with her… I detest shitbulls n no way ever ever would I inquire about one n out of state definitely out of the question n your remark about intentions I resent yes I despise the breed but I have never harmed any animal in my life including the one who mauled my godchild I stood there shocked n paralyzed.. I wouldn’t get within two inches to one I see one n I go the other way unbelievable though doesn’t surprise me too much with the pit nuts btw my name isn’t Nancy for obvious reasons n when one adopts they provide id moron

  • Nancy benacquista

    Yes I’ll loan you the ten grand your my friend goo luck

  • gs

    were these dogs checked for worms of any sort???? As we all know it is not proper to starve a family member like that but what if there is an underlying condition that is keeping them from keeping food down or retaining nutrition from that food I am not condoning what happened to these dogs but I will reserve my opinion until after I see the facts facts facts!!!!!