December 18, 2014


Sobriety checkpoint tonight on Pearl Road

MEDINA TWP.— The Medina County OVI Task Force along with the Ohio State Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety checkpoint tonight, starting at 7 p.m., in the 3500 block of Pearl Road (U.S. Route 42), north of Fenn Road.

In conjunction with the checkpoint, there also will be “saturation patrols” in the area to aggressively combat impaired driver related injury and fatal crashes.

The checkpoint is funded by federal grants and is designed to deter and intercept impaired drivers.

Police are required under federal law to announce the location of sobriety checkpoints in advance in order to avoid violating Fourth Amendment search and seizure laws.

  • Realistic

    I wonder why this would be done on a Thursday night. If they get one, it makes it worth it, but Thursday night really isn’t a ‘go out and get smashed’ night.

  • Johhny J

    They should be unconstitutional. They say driving is a privilege but Americans have the right to liberty. I don’t pay police salary to get shaken down by them when I’m doing nothing wrong.
    It’s the one thing Michigan did right — they ruled these checkpoints illegal.
    Show me your papers society. Not right.

  • 79er

    Their targeting motorcycle riders. The Medina Quaker State has its bike night on Thursdays & its not to far south of the checkpoint on Pearl road.