December 22, 2014

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Igloos no longer available to take glass for recycling

The multicolored igloos where Medina County residents can recycle glass bottles and containers are being discontinued. (ANDREW DAVIS / GAZETTE)

The multicolored igloos where Medina County residents can recycle glass bottles and containers are being discontinued. (ANDREW DAVIS / GAZETTE)

The multicolored igloos where residents can drop off glass bottles for recycling are being discontinued by the Medina County Solid Waste District.

A news release from the county sanitary engineers office cited “cost prohibitive changes in the local recycling market for bottled glass.”

County Commissioner Steven Hambley said Envision Waste, operator of the county’s Central Processing Facility in Westfield Township, was informed by Cleveland Strategic Materials, the company that recycled the glass, it no longer was accepting intact glass bottles.

Hambley said Cleveland Strategic Materials did not cite a reason why it no longer would accept bottles.

“It is unfortunate, but we can’t force the company to take our glass,” he said.

Hambley said the next closest company that would take the glass is located in Dayton.

Sanitary Engineer Amy Lyon-Galvin said Cleveland Strategic Materials wanted the county to break the glass bottles down to 1½-inch pieces.

“We do not have any ability at our facility to meet that requirement,” Lyon-Galvin said.

County personnel are in the process of removing the igloos. Residents are advised to not place additional glass or other rubbish into the igloos or around the igloo sites.

The sanitary engineers office asks residents instead to place glass in their regular rubbish containers for disposal with other household waste.

The glass will be mechanically tumbled out of the waste stream for beneficial use in the Class I composting area at the Central Processing Facility.

Lyon-Galvin said there is still opportunity for some of the glass to be recycled as it breaks during processing.

The county’s contract with Cleveland-based Envision Waste expires at the end of the year and officials are preparing to seek bids to operate the Central Processing Facility.

Lyon-Galvin said language in the bid application for the new operator requires a proposal for how the county can deal with glass.

The bid deadline is Sept. 25 and the county has until Oct. 31 to award a bid.

The county’s $9 million Central Processing Facility was constructed in 1993 to comply with House Bill 592, passed in 1988, which covers solid waste management.

Reporter Katie Anderson contributed to this report.

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  • surrender

    Glad this article came up… gives me a reason to post a comment that’s been 10 years in the making. Everywhere we go, my children throw recyclables in the trash. Why? THEY ASSUME someone, somewhere will “pick them out” just like someone does in their hometown (Medina). This isn’t a convenience. This is a horrible way to teach youngsters about recycling. They’d learn better if green plastic bins full of plastics, glass, metals were set out with the weekly garbage and a recycling truck came by. I wish someone local would have enough sense to buy a recycling truck, hand out the bins to residents and collect all the recyclables for profit so they wouldn’t even make it through the processing facilities doors! Shame on this processing facility.

  • Critical Thinker

    Wouldn’t it make more sense if other communities adapted the Medina model instead?

  • surrender

    Too costly. Every community? In the whole world?? Wouldn’t happen…not in my life time. Not to mention, I highly doubt that facility picks out 20% of what I throw out after all my garbage is put in contractor bags after going in the kitchen garbage bags. Sigh, I miss my old communitie’s recycling program. Fail Medina.

  • hmmm

    Why don’t you take a tour of the recycle facility before you pass judgement.