May 28, 2016

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Special Sections


Business Spotlight
The Business Spotlight features a 5
column X 11″ advertisement to
promote your business and can be
published any day of the week. 

The Spotlight includes a 3 column
X 10″ ad plus a 2 column X 10″
story and photo space.  There is
also a 5 column X 1″ masthead that
reads “Business Spotlight”


*Tuesday rate is $693.75*

Senior Living
Senior Living is published the first
Friday of every month.
This very informative section for our
Golden Citizens includes Wadsworth
Happenings, The Brunswick Beat,
Office for Older Adults, Nutrition Site,
Around the County, and a monthly
Front Page Feature.

per column inch
Health & Fitness
Published every Wednesday.
This full page features: 

Advice on getting healthy and fit
Health Related advertising
Articles provided by local health
Healthy Recipes

ONLY $11.25 per column inch

Click on the
Drive Time Flyer
to Open the pdf
BEE Informed

per column inch

Medina County Coupon Book 

Reach over 124,000 readers throughout Medina County by
advertising in the Medina County Coupon Book!
This money-saving insert publishes ONLY 6 TIMES PER YEAR
The Coupon Book is 7 1/2″ wide X 10″ high.

See the promotional calendar for dates.

Full Page 


2/3 Page 


1/3 Page