April 20, 2014

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Euthanized spider monkey gains international attention

Jacob Ruehlman

An incident in which a spider monkey bit the thumb of a curious stranger last week and was euthanized just after midnight Saturday because of the bite has gained international attention. “The entire primate community is enraged,” Dr. Deborah Misotti said. Misotti is director of the Talkin’ Monkey Project, a primate sanctuary in Florida. She Read More…

Hundreds of snowy owl sightings reported in state

A snowy owl flies at Spitzer Marina in Lorain. The species has been drawing watchers to Lake Erie for a glimpse of the bird, a rarity in Ohio. Bird watchers and photographers from all over the state have been converging to see the snowy owls that have been seen in the area. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY BRUCE BISHOP)

For many nature lovers and birdwatchers, the rare influx of snowy owls into Ohio this year is a stunning occurrence. “It’s been just outstanding,” Jamey Emmert, of the wildlife division of The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said about large numbers of snowy owl sightings reported this winter. Snowy owls are northern-born and typically reside Read More…