September 3, 2014

Mostly clear

The case for choosing native plants


One of the best ways to improve a home’s resale value is to address the landscape. Increasing a property’s curb appeal can be done in many ways, but a well-pruned lawn and garden gives buyers the impression that the sellers truly took the time to maintain the home and the surrounding property. Unfortunately, many homeowners Read More…

Plant right to conserve water

Conserve water

Conservation is one of the keys to adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Though some might feel the transition to such a lifestyle might be difficult, it’s often far simpler than it may seem. Conserving water, for instance, can be done in a number of ways. One such way concerns how you treat your landscape. Planting the Read More…

How to maintain fresh-cut flowers


Fresh flowers serve many purposes. A bouquet of flowers can be a gift on a special holiday or birthday. Some people apologize with flowers, while others use flowers to convey feelings of love or appreciation. Many people like to display fresh-cut flowers in their homes because their beauty can brighten the mood indoors. Others plant Read More…

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