December 20, 2014


Lady Wheels

You may be surprised to learn that 85% of all auto purchases are influenced by women. It surprised us, too – and that’s how the idea of Lady Wheels was born.

Published the third Saturday of every month, Lady Wheels recognizes – and celebrates – women and our beloved wheels!
You’ll find Lady Wheels chock full of news, views and information about your wheels – and by the way, when we say wheels, we mean anything that rolls – cars, trucks, SUV’s, scooters, motorcycles and bicycles!

Each month we’ll feature car-care tips to keep your car running in style, you’ll also learn about the automotive industry and the growing – and exciting – roles women play in the industry and find out about the happening and events going on around town including the hot road rallies, car shows, bike events and more.

Every month, look for local guest columnists who’ll spice up your Lady Wheels experience with laughter as you learn more about your wheels.

And feel free to print this out and take the coupons to your local merchants and thank them for being a part of Lady Wheels!

We promise there’s lots more to come with Lady Wheels as the section grows and evolves each month. We hope you’re going to love it as much as we love putting it all together for you each month.

Bottom line – Lady Wheels is all about YOU, because let’s face it, ladies
-That’s the way we roll!

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